Arc magnetar

A magnetar Arcturan as seen via the level editor. Trying to run the map will give an error as it has no AI script yet.

The magnetar Arcturan wears red armour and has a greenish skin. It fires the yet unreleased magnetar projectiles which will pierce through armour. It will also have no melee attack. It is unknown how much health it will have, but probably the same as a normal Arcturan if we link their skin colour to their health.

It can be placed in WrackEd, but you won't be able to run the map as it lacks an AI script.

Statistics Edit

Arcturan Lower Any difficulty Easy Medium Hard
Health 30.0
Gib health 30.0
Running speed 1.5 1.75 2.0
Stun chance 9.4%
Missile damage 8.0 16.0 25.0
Missile speed 6.0 9.0 12.0
Missile knockback 48.0
Melee damage 10 20 33
Melee knockback 128.0
Score reward 100.0
First appearance E1M1: Metroplex