There are various items that assist the player within Wrack, currently all available items assist rather than cause problems for the player. These items are picked up by simply walking over them.

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Ammo Edit

Ammo is needed to supply your weapons with firepower. There are two methods to gain ammo. One is by picking up the weapon containing ammo and the other is one is by simply picking up a clip or box of ammo.

Health Edit

Health is a must have to stay alive. There are several types of health pickups with each having its own effect.

Armour Edit

Armour is often found either tucked to the sides of rooms or after boss fights, and will help to keep the player alive. Armour soaks up 50% of the incoming damage.

Powerups Edit

Power-ups are pickups which will grant temporary bonuses or effects.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrades are pickups that grant the player a permanent bonus or effect.

Treasure Edit

These items give the player pure score, and are often hidden away in secret areas or tucked away in corners out of natural sight lines. Picking up treasure counts towards the treasure stat at the end of the level.

Misc Edit

These items have no category.

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