Cheats are console commands mostly used to explore and test custom maps. They are available while playing on the Cakewalk difficulty with a list of cheats accessible in the pause menu. An alternative and faster way is to bind the cheats to keys on your keyboard.

Cheat commands Edit

Invulnerability Edit

  • Makes the player immune to all damage sources.
  • Console command: cht_invulnerable

Ghost mode Edit

  • The player is able to fly, pass through geometry and objects, and is immune to projectile attacks, however melee attacks still deal damage.
  • Console command: cht_ghost

Flight mode Edit

  • The player is able to fly, however geometry and objects block his path.
  • Console command: cht_fly

Infinite ammo Edit

  • The playes has access to infinite ammunition.
  • Console command: cht_infiniteammo

Enemies ignore you Edit

  • The player remains unnoticed by monsters, this however does not apply if monsters targeted the player before using this cheat.
  • Console command: cht_notarget

Always gib monsters Edit

  • With every attack, the player kills and, if possible, gibs all monsters and bosses.
  • Console command: cht_instagib

Freeze mode Edit

  • Freezes all monsters' animations, projectiles and scripts.
  • Console command: cht_freeze

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