Wrack comes with a lot of console commands. These commands must be put in the Wrack console. To open this console, simpy press the tilde (~) key twice in-game and the console will show itself.

Command types Edit

Some commands have parameters where the user can input their own values. There are 4 types in total.

  • void - No parameter needed. Typing the command gets executed.
  • boolean - A value being either true or false. Use the toggle command to easily switch between these two values.
  • int - The user must input a numeric value.
  • String - The user must input a string of letters or a word.

Useful commands Edit

Command Type Description
kill_self void Kills the player and extracts a life. Doesn't work if you have the invulnerability cheat enabled.
kill_monsters void Kills every active monster in the map.
quit void Quickly quit the game without going through the menus.
vid_screenshot void Take a screenshot of the game. The screenshots are saved in %Appdata%/Roaming/Wrack/Screenshots
hud_displayspeed boolean Allows you to display your instantaneous speed.
hud_display boolean Hide the head-up display. Useful for screenshots or video footage.
summon String Summons an object. Example: summon arcturan
give String Give yourself an item. Example: give weapons or give ammo
map String Change level. Example: map e1m5

Binding Edit

You can bind commands to your keyboard keys by using the bind command.

  • Binding a single command to one key:
    • bind x "vid_screenshot"

Pressing the x key will now take screenshots.

  • Binding multiple commands to one key:
    • bind y "toggle cht_fly;summon crawler;kill_self"

Pressing the y key will now toggle the fly cheat, summon a crawler and then kill you.

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