Wrack Crawler

The crawler is a small robotic enemy who takes advantage of the blades on it's arms to attack the player, because of the design of the crawler, it hugs low to the ground and can quickly manuver to deal plenty of damage if it gets close. There is also a Kamikaze variant.


Crawler Any difficulty Easy Medium Hard
Health 120
Gib health -150
Running speed 1.75 2.25 3.0
Melee damage 10 20 33
Melee knockback 128.0
Score reward 200.0
First appearance E1M1: Metroplex


When they are aware of the player's presense, they will charge into melee range and begin clawing at the player, dealing 20 damage on normal difficulty.


They can be taken out without taking damage in a variety of ways, the Hyperblade makes quick work of them, and in multiple per blow, but does require timing and getting into melee range.

They can be taken out with a single Shotgun blast to the face, or with a few quick Pistol shots while backpedaling, the key tactic is to avoid getting into melee range at all costs.