A group of Kamikazes in E1M4: Recycling Center - Part 1.

The Kamikaze Crawler is a dangerous variant of the basic Crawler but instead of using a claw attack, it detonates with the explosives mounted within its chassis. They are more orange in colour and as such they stand out from the typically browner floors of most maps than the basic Crawler, but make up for this by staging the majority of their attacks in ambush situations.


Kamikaze Crawler Any difficulty Easy Medium Hard
Health 90
Gib health -90
Running speed 2 2.5 3.25
Melee damage 10 20 33
Melee knockback 128.0
Score reward 250.0
First appearance E1M3: Disposal Area - Part 2 [?]

Behaviour Edit

The behaviour of the Kamakaze crawler is very similar to the behaviour of the basic Crawler. Upon being aware of the player's presence, it will begin to crawl towards the player. When reaching the player in melee range it will detonate its payload, killing itself.

Strategy Edit

It is wisest to deal with Kamikaze Crawlers as rapidly as possible, either from a ranged attack using the pistol, Pulsar, or a quick blast to the face with the shotgun, depending on the range you find yourself at when engaging the Kamikaze. It is possible to defeat the Kamikaze Crawlers losing no time at all (which is useful for speedruns) by timing a perfect Hyperblade attack, while difficult without practice, it's under no circumstances impossible.

Notes Edit

It is possible to time a jump onto the Kamikaze Crawler with its detonation, allowing you to use it to launch yourself in the air, in a similar manner where you could do with the bazooka.

Gallery Edit