Crushers are large mech catagory monsters who are slow but have the advantage of having high health and significant damage, they tower over Kain . They are first introduced to kain in E1M2 .


Crusher Any difficulty Easy Medium Hard
Health 1200
Gib health -240
Running speed 0.75 1.5 2.25
Melee damage 25 75 99
Melee knockback 256.0
Score reward 1,000.0
Mass 4.0
First Appearence E1M2


The Crusher shares most of it's AI with the other melee-based monsters, when aware of the player's presence, it will walk at the player & when within it's melee range, it will stop and begin it's attack animation. it currently has no other behaviours.


The most efficient way of dealing with crushers, taking into account ammo usage, is to strafe back and forth between their melee attacks, allowing an uninturrupted string of your own Hyperblade attacks, maximising DPS for no ammo usage whatsoever. Mastering this technique can be very useful for when you fight Crushers in close quater rooms, where you have little manuverability, as this technique should keep them pretty much in place, giving you maximum breathing room.

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