Custom MapsEdit

Custom maps are maps that have been made by the community and have been released into the public domain for players to enjoy. These maps have been sorted into Regular/Recreation/Speedrun/Mod&Demonstration and grouped in the sub-catagories by author.

Regular MapsEdit

These are regular maps, they are designed to be played in the same fashion as the official episode maps.

The Ascend - Decino - Download

Foundry - FandaTrotl - Download Link Needed

Crate Processing - Marneus68 - Download

Rage2 - Leiche - Download

Raeg - Leiche - Download

Prison Planet - patborders - Download

[1] Recreation MapsEdit

These are maps that are recreating maps of other games such as doom or quake

DOOM's E1M1 - Decino - Download

[2] Time Trial MapsEdit

these maps have been designed for players to push themselves to achive the fastest times possible

Colorroad - Blarget 2 - Download

g_timeattack - gnsh - Download

Jump_Dark - Xao - Download

Jump_DarkV2 - Xao - Download

[3] Mod/Demonstration Maps

these maps either need a specific mod to use them (e.g. custom weapons) or are simply for demonstrative purposes (e.g. rocketjumping using suicide crawlers)