An outdoor area containing multiple enemies.

Metroplex is the first level in episode one of Wrack and is the only level to feature being outside, as such you can see various elements of Wrack's city, which currently is nameless.

It uses the music track "E1L1" by Robert Prince.

Available weapons Edit

Kain starts with the Hyperblade. The pistol and shotgun are also available in fairly obvious locations along the player's route and can't be missed.

Enemies Edit

In this level you will face the lower Arcturan, the normal Arcturan, the Sentry and the Crawler, as well as the level's boss.

Boss fight Edit

Geizer is the boss that you fight in E1L1, which you encounter twice. Geizer is a large mechanical robot which uses rotary blades mounted within its wings to fly and evade the player's attacks. Geizer has two fundamental attacks the first time you fight him, a low attack, which prompts the player to jump to avoid the attack and the second one is a higher attack, which can be avoided completely by ducking.

The second time you fight Geizer he uses a purple-projectile attack which home towards player, much like the attack of the seeking Arcturan.

The shotgun is the recommended weapon for fighting this boss, as it has higher damage per second than the pistol and the Hyperblade does not have the range to harm the boss without killing the player shortly afterwards.

Item statistics Edit

Item type Total value
Armour 240
Health 260 + 5 max
Max Health 1
Extra life 1
Bullets 324
Shells 72
Treasure 3750

Secrets Edit

  • Secret 1: At the spot where you pick up a pistol for the first time: Jump to the wall to the left when facing the red button. Open the wall by activating it and collect the items.
  • Secret 2: at the shotgun, turn around, crouch under the barrier and go left to find an extra life.
  • Secret 3: on the right side of the corridor a short way after picking up the pistol, a secret can be found by collecting the health bonuses.

Trivia Edit

  • Metroplex is the only level so far to feature more than one boss fight, although you fight the same enemy twice, they are considered 2 different bosses because of the difference in attack patterns.

Gallery Edit