Kain Sager shooting at a group of Crawlers in one of the various areas of E1L2.

E1L2 is the second level of the first episode and takes place inside a disposal area, hence the name. It features an entirely new texture set and is the first level to only feature being inside, in contrast to the very first level. It is not known what Kain or the Arcturans are attempting to achieve here other than to engage each other. This level introduces the breakable crates, Crushers, Turrets, teleporters and the Pulsar.

It uses the music track "E1L2" by Robert Prince.

Available weapons Edit

Kain starts with the Hyperblade. The pistol is found near the beginning with the shotgun a short way into the level and the Pulsar near the end.

Enemies Edit

The enemies present in E1L2 are the Crawler , Lower Arcturan, Arcturans, Crushers and Turrets .

Item statistics Edit

Name Total Value
Armour 410 + 5 max
Max armour 1
Health 375 + 5 max
Max health 1
Bullets 192
Shells 160
Pulse cells 114
Treasure 9250

Secrets Edit

  • Secret 1:
  • Secret 2:
  • Secret 3:
  • Secret 4:
  • Secret 5:

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