E1L3 is notorious for its amount of radioactive waste.

E1L3 is the third level of episode one and continues Kain's adventure in the disposal area. This level introduces a new Arcturan rank: the seeking Arcturan.

Available weapons Edit

Kain starts with the Hyperblade. The pistol is found near the beginning with the shotgun a short way into the level and the Pulsar near the end.

Enemies Edit

Crawlers, Lower Arcturans, seeking Arcturans, Sentries and Turrets, as well as the level's boss.

Boss Edit

Mechron is the boss of this level.

Item statistics Edit

Item type Total value
Armour 245 + 5 max
Max armour 1
Health 375 + 10
Max health 2
Extra Life 1
Bullets 192
Shells 168
Pulse cells 168
Treasure 15500

Secrets Edit

  • Secret 1: After jumping across a pit of waste, just before a pair of elevators, by jumping on the top of a Crawler you can reach the space between the two elevators which has an extra life.
  • Secret 2:
  • Secret 3:

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