Wrack Speedrun
Speedrunning is the art of completing a level in the absolute fastest time possible, using tricks and shortcuts to cut down top times. Speedruns in Wrack are forced into normal difficulty[?] and no cheats are allowed to be used, for obvious reasons.

Shortcut TricksEdit

Crawler StandingEdit

Crawler standing is used to gain extra height by standing on the top of a crawler, most popularly used in the opening of E1M1 to climb onto the walls and skip the early section of the level, as well as later to avoid a large fight.


This is a highly difficult trick that is possible on E1M2 that gains the player time by skipping the pressing of switches to lower a short wall, instead the player can, if judged right, leap off of the stairs and save valuable time.

Crawler JumpingEdit

By using the explosive nature of suicide crawlers, it is possible to jump onto their heads as they detonate, sending the player flying.

Bazooka JumpingEdit

Shooting the Bazooka at your feet and jumping at nearly the same time will result in much greater vertical velocity. This deals a lot more damage to the player than Crawler jumping (typically killing the player unless they have full health and some armor).

Advanced movementEdit

Advanced movement within wrack is limited when compared to games such as Quake or Warsow, but by strafing whilst running the player can double[?] their speed, which is vital for achiving the very top times on the leaderboards