Wracked basic

WrackEd's user interface with E1M1 loaded.

WrackEd (Wrack Editor) is the level editor used to create Wrack maps. It is also used to create the official Wrack maps.

The editor folder which contains the WrackEd executable can be found in your Wrack installation folder.

The basics Edit

Wracked faces

Three faces each having a different shape and amount of vertices. The green dots represent the vertices and the red colour indicates the face is selected.

Wrack works with faces instead of 3D brushes. If you're unfamiliar with faces, it's basically a flat 2D shape. A corner of a face is called a vertex. These vertices are connected with each other and form a 2D shape.

Connecting these faces with each other gives you unlimited possibilities in shapes and forms.

Creating and editing a face Edit

To create a face, simply select the Face create mode (shortcut key C) and right click in one of the 2D windows. Your mouse will now draw a line. Pressing your left mouse button will set vertices. Connecting the last vertex with the vertex you placed first will complete the face. To cancel the face creation click your right mouse button again.

After creating a face, you can always edit its shape by choosing the Vertex mode (shortcut key V).

Navigating Edit

The top left window is a 3D view of your map. To navigate through this window, simply hover your mouse over the window and press enter. You can now move around with the (default) WASD keys. Holding the shift key will double your movement speed. To quit navigation mode, press the escape key.

The keys for navigating can be configured at Settings -> General Settings -> Controls.

Next step Edit