About Wrack[1]

Welcome all, this is the unofficial official wiki for Wrack, the fast paced indie FPS game. This wiki is pretty basic right now, but it's only just begun, so hopefully we can keep updating and expanding it. :)

Wrack is an arcade-style first-person shooter that pits you, Kain Sager, against the invading Arcturan empire! Battle your way through hordes of monsters at blistering speeds as you single-handedly attempt to save mankind from certain doom!

By fusing two different genres, Wrack creates an unique experience. Not only does it feature large, action-packed, stylized levels like those found in Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, but also boss battles, heavily themed levels, and treacherous level hazards from games like Contra and Castlevania. The end result is a fun new type of FPS that we think you'll enjoy!

This wiki currently has '''88''' articles and '''4''' active users

Started on '''December 30th, 2012'''.








  1. Heading script stolen "borrowed" and modified from the Doom Wiki